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Would you like to give your partner a special Christmas present this year? What about a romantic

weekend in Szeged for two, including accommodation with half board, wellness tickets or a

sightseeing tour designed especially for you?

Szeged welcomes its visitors with a great variety of programmes this winter too!

If not, visit this multifunctional building.

December 20-21. kézművesfoglalkozások lesznek az Alsóvárosi Napsugaras Tájházban.

The series of events of the Christmas Festivity Weeks starts at two venues on 28th November, awaiting visitors for almost a month.

Visitors can learn about the religion, royal family and everyday life in the central building of Móra Ferenc Museum, the Egyptian writing, medicine and embalming techniques in Black House, while they can explore a tomb in a labyrinth at Kass Gallery.

2014. december 27.


IH Rendezvényközpont

Here you can find Szeged's top 10 tourist attractions, recommended by us. The ones you have to see when you're visiting Szeged!


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